A better health system demands better ways to connect and pay.

We build digital health-grade payment solutions, connecting patients, practitioners and payers in ways that drive system efficiency and better experiences of care.

For Patients

Our solutions put the information patients need to make better decisions right at their fingertips. This enables greater transparency and control over the cost of healthcare.

For Practitioners

We reduce the cost and complexity associated with quoting and billing, freeing up time for practitioners to focus on their patients.

For Payers

We provide health payers such as Insurance and Government bodies with deep data-based insights, as well as improved visibility across a patient’s journey of care.


Medipass powers HICAPS Go, the future of Australia’s leading ancillary quoting and claims payment engine.


Launched in 2017, HICAPS Go leverages the best of digital payment solutions to enable seamless appointment booking, quoting, insurance claiming and out of pocket payment, right from your smartphone. For Practitioners, it enables simple digital claiming without the hassle of a terminal, with integration to major insurance providers.

Click here to see a list of all the Private Health Insurers currently enabled in Medipass.

Register now to use HICAPS Go at your practice. For developers of practice management software, register your interest here.

Our Team

A pedigree in banking

Our team comes from a background in banking and high volume payments processing, including having designed and built the fundamental systems that process interbank payments.

Health payment experts

A knowledge of the Australian health system runs deep through the team, with members having managed private insurance products, clinical software and health payments systems.

Exceptional digital credentials

~ 2017 Accepted to HCF Catalyst for Scaleups
~ 2016 Graduated from PayPal’s StartTank Program in London
~ 2015 Winner of IBM’s Australian SmartCamp startup of the year
~ 2014 Winner of the Visa, Intel and NAB sponsored iDay Health Hackathon