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We’re on a mission to improve the healthcare system. This mission is massive and it requires people who are driven, passionate and are the very best at what they do.

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Our guiding principles

Transparent, simple and empowering

Medipass exists to demystify healthcare and its complexities. We strive to empower our users by giving them tools that are simple, and that drive the transparency they need to make informed healthcare decisions.

We do this by:

  • Being transparent in ourselves individually, and as a company.
  • Communicating clearly, accurately and thoroughly with our users.
  • Talking about what we’re making as we make it.
  • Being generous with what we know, and open to learning from others.
  • Not being afraid to experiment or fail.
  • Designing services that are self-explanatory and intuitive.
Secure and private, without compromise

We believe that maintaining the security and privacy of personal data is a human right. Everything we do will speak to our belief in this, ensuring that we work tirelessly to maintain our users trust.

We do this by:

  • Considering the security, privacy and integrity of data in everything we do, from technology builds to operational support.
  • Limiting the data we transmit, process and store to that minimally required for a business function.
  • Not engaging in business models that require us to compromise data security and privacy.
  • Constantly assessing, forecasting and addressing threats, vulnerabilities and processes.
Agile at our core

Medipass is a proudly cloud-based platform. This influences how we build and release our products.
We are nimble, we ship early, and we measure the impact we make. We don’t agonise over changes once it’s clear they need to be made.
We’re not precious about our design. We are guided by our users as we create the best solutions.

We do this by:

  • Releasing early and being open and receptive to possible changes.
  • Learning from what our users do, not just what they say.
  • Making decisions based on evidence, not opinion.
  •  Responding to change and constantly improving.
Diverse, inclusive, and accessible to all

As Australians we see healthcare as a right of all citizens. We design experiences so that no one feels excluded, ensuring all Australians can benefit from Medipass. Diverse teams build accessible products, and diversity and inclusion anchor our recruitment process and company culture.

We do this by:

  • Communicating in a clear, simple way; so our service is open to everyone.
  • Designing for people of all backgrounds, abilities, circumstances, digital skills and subject knowledge.
  • Recognising that people come to our services with their own needs, insecurities and struggles – they deserve our consideration and thoughtfulness.
  • Catering for different learning styles, using familiar patterns, guided workflows and contextual information.
  • Building a diverse and inclusive team of employees, and embedding empathy into our company culture.
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