Built for digital healthcare

Medipass has been built from the ground up with a single purpose in mind; simplify healthcare payments in a digital world.

Process Medicare claims with ease

Our Medicare integration supports General Practitioners, Medical Specialists and Allied Healthcare Professionals. We support general and referred services as well as telehealth, regional, aged care, in-home, after-hours and other out of consultation room scenarios.

Process Private Health Insurance claims via HICAPS Go

Medipass is integrated to HICAPS Go, making it easy for healthcare providers to process private health insurance claims and payments without the need for plastic cards or a bank terminal.

Send Private Health Insurance quotes directly to your patients phone

Organising an accurate patient quote used to be difficult. With Medipass, you can send your patient a private health insurance quote direct to their mobile phone, no matter where they are.

Create your free Medipass provider account

There is no signup, per transaction or ongoing cost for private health insurance or overseas insurance claims. There is also no cost for healthcare fund provider applications or updates.