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Medipass has been selected by Comcare to support the delivery of digital invoicing capability, transforming the invoicing and payment experience for Comcare service providers. Digital invoicing for Comcare is available to all Comcare supported medical, allied and other ancillary providers (including attendant care, household service and workplace rehabilitation providers).
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Simple to createStandardised and consistent invoice format.
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Process invoices with any device
Ability to track invoice status in real time
Safe and secure invoice processing

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Create your Medipass provider account with your business details.

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Enable Comcare digital invoicing in Medipass.

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Create, send and track your Comcare Workers Insurance invoices online.

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Comcare batch upload

Medipass allows you to submit multiple invoices to Comcare by uploading invoice details in a spreadsheet (csv format). Create your csv file, upload and track multiple Comcare invoices digitally with Medipass, with less admin for volume users.

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