Making icare payments quicker and easier

Insurance and Care NSW (icare) insures over 310,000 NSW businesses and 193 NSW Government agencies and protects around 90 per cent of public and private sector workers in NSW. icare is committed to making the claims process easier for icare customers, and that includes the way providers submit and receive payments.

icare has partnered with Medipass to introduce a new digital payment solution that makes this process simpler and faster. 

Key benefits of raising icare invoices from Medipass:

  • Automatic decisioning on invoices
  • Live invoice status on all lodged invoices
  • Claim number validation for icare invoices
  • Up-to-date payment information
  • Daily reconciliation reports
  • Faster payments
  • No upfront, ongoing or transaction fees for icare

Medipass does not charge any fees to submit digital invoices to icare through Medipass. It’s free to join, with no upfront, ongoing or transactions fees.

Please note, service providers can submit invoices for Workers Insurance but not for Self-Insured, Dust Disease, Lifetime Care invoices in the current release.

Read more about Medipass directly from icare.

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