Integrate Medipass with MyHealth1st to get paid faster

MyHealth1st provides an easy to use platform that enables  practices to attract new patients through the MyHealth1st Marketplace. Features include; online appointments for your website, and an end-to-end encrypted telehealth service which is not only fully integrated with over 50 different practice management systems, but it also functions for those users not using a practice management system at all. The new MyHealth1st and Medipass integrations enable online claims and payments through your telehealth consult.
MyHealth1st supports over 11,000 healthcare businesses across a wide range of services, and has been helping practices like yours for close to 10 years. The new integration will enable you to: 
  • Integrate to MyHealth1st Telehealth, to process eligible Medicare & DVA claims for your patients during a consultation
  • Raise both bulk bill and patient claims during a telehealth consultation 
  • Process any patient out of pocket solutions via Medipass Card Payments during a telehealth consultation, including Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay and Google Pay

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